Two passenger planes collided at a busy airport.

Wed. at Heathrow, two passenger planes collided.Korean Air and Icelandair jets were engaged, an airport spokeswoman said.Heathrow reported no injuries and is investigating.

Emergency services scrambled after two passenger planes collided on a Heathrow runway.

Heathrow airport spokesperson: "Yesterday evening, our staff reacted to a small accident between two planes on the runway. All passengers and crew exited safely."

A Korean Air and Icelandair representative stated an inquiry is ongoing.
Korean Air and Icelandair didn't immediately reply to an Outsider's comment request.

Guardian journalist Dan Sabbagh tweeted a photo of emergency trucks on the runway.

The Guardian reports that the Korean Air jet clipped the parked Icelandair plane while taxiing before takeoff at 8 p.m. GMT Daily Star broke the story.

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