Tyrod Taylor Injury News Receives NFL Reaction

Sunday will be a tough one for the New York Giants, as they will be without both of their starting quarterbacks.

Tyrod Taylor, who was supposed to replace the injured Daniel Jones, also had to leave the game. Meanwhile, ESPN NFL source Adam Schefter reports that he is now being tested for concussion symptoms.

The NFL community responded to the Tyrod report on various social media platforms.

An all-caps "GOODNESS" was the response from one person.
Another person chimed up, "Bruh this sport is nasty."

Just provide me the concession money and I'll take the quarterback's position.
Another supporter yelled, "BRUH." Why should Tyrod have to go through this?

"If the only good thing that comes out of the Tua scenario is that the neurologists default to diagnosing a concussion, then that's an improvement," another remarked.

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