Unreleased Mario Kart XXL tech demo appears online

Agamer obtained a copy of the unreleased Mario Kart XXL demo video. This copy shows the unauthorised Mario Kart game that Nintendo never approved. Since the Game Boy days, Mario Kart's

portable variants have been popular. The series began on SNES in 1992 and moved to Game Boy in the early 2000s. The newest Mario Kart game is Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit for Switch.

Unnamed player gave Forest of Illusion the game. Hard4Games reviewed it on YouTube. It's a racer called Mario Kart XXL, built after the initial portable game. It's a basic demo for Nintendo.

Mario Kart XXL was supposedly created following GBA's Mario Kart: Super Circuit to gain a contract with Nintendo for the next portable device. After this demo's debut, Nintendo launched Mario Kart DS

This game was formerly thought to be a version of Moorhuhn Kart XXL, from which it copied soundtrack. Instead, it originated as R3D-Demo. This game resembles

Codemasters' classic kart racer Micro Machines. Trenz designed the Micro Machines V3 GBC version.

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