US blood moon weather forecast

Tomorrow's Blood Moon lunar eclipse looks fantastic (Nov. 8).
About half of the contiguous 48 states will have clear skies for Election Day's complete lunar eclipse.

A massive ridge of Canadian high pressure will crest southeast into the Northeast, middle Atlantic, Ohio and Tennessee River Valley and eastern Great Lakes states,

assuring superb viewing conditions for Tuesday's moon spectacle. This area offers the finest eclipse viewing. Boston, New York, Baltimore, Columbus, and Nashville have good vistas. 

Clear weather may reach the Gulf Coast and southern Texas, giving Shreveport, Houston, and Austin good views. Arizona and Colorado appear good.

A mid-country disturbance might bring clouds, showers, and thunder to Nebraska, Kansas, Oklahoma, and the Texas Panhandle.

A disintegrating frontal line over the Piedmont and a strong Atlantic storm east of Florida will provide scattered to broken cloudiness, with intermittent glimpses of the lowering moon.

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