What destroyed Alaska's snow crabs?

First time in recorded history, Alaska's Bering Sea snow crab season was cancelled.
The Alaska Department of Fish and Game and the National Marine Fisheries Service expressed worry 

about the snow crab population on October 10. The Alaska Department of Fish and Game (ADF&G) stopped the season after the population declined by 90%

 to let it to recover and reach replacement levels by next year.
"ADF&G must balance the implications of crab fishery closures on harvesters,

industry, and communities with the requirement for long-term conservation and sustainability of crab populations," the recommendation states.

While scientists disagree on the exact reason, global warming is mostly to blame. Some believe NOAA, which oversees U.S. fisheries and marine conservation, had a bigger part in the snow crab's demise

NOAA linked Salon to a statement upon inquiry "Stock evaluations and data sources undergo extensive peer review.

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