What Happens to Disney's 'Animal Kingdom' Animals During a Hurricane

We're glad they're well-cared-for.
Walt Disney World closed on Wednesday and Thursday ahead of Hurricane Ian to keep guests safe.

Disney's personnel can easily plan for property damage, but not at Animal Kingdom. What about park's animals?

@myadventurebook__ provided a way to keep them safe on TikTok. Many may have weathered the storm better than some people.

According to the footage, Disney took the 1,700 animals backstage to wait out the storm.
"Disney has created fences and barns made of reinforced concrete that can survive storms," the video said. 

 Disney's storm preparation includes keeping cast members, zookeepers, veterinarians, and others on site.

The animals (and their behaviour) are regularly observed, and there is sufficient of personnel to address and avoid crises. Animal Kingdom has everything from flamingos to lions, so this is a big job.

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