What's Aaron Judge's No. 62 home run ball worth?

Homer season! In the last decade, capitalism has caught up with baseball. Fans know the worth of baseball memorabilia. Historic ones.

Aaron Judge and the Yankees have gotten home runs 60 and 61 back from Albert Pujols, but if Judge breaks the American League single season home run record

with a 62nd blast, Ken Goldin, executive chairman of Goldin Auctions, advises the lucky fan not to give it up.

Goldin: "Even with the Yankees, there's no incentive to execute a trade on the spot." "Be sensible. $8 billion. Judge will sign a $400 million deal. If the ball is so important, they can purchase it.

"Take my money, deposit seven figures, and meet Judge in the offseason. Spend the night with him, get his signature or picture. Be smart. The Yankees aren't charitable.

No charity. I'm offering alternatives. Some of these children are in college. When they're married and have kids, they'll wish they had money.

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