Zach LaVine was inspired by Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.

Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant shared the same philosophy and approach. Zach LaVine went on Ekam Nagra's 'Ball Don't Stop' podcast and discussed Jordan and Bryant's mid-range shots.

"How they worked and manipulated defence was practically art. Pump-fake, slide-through, ball-fake. "It's insane," LaVine added.

LaVine was born in 1995. He still saw Jordan win six NBA titles in eight years. LaVine discussed it on 'Scoop B Radio'

"I was a Michael Jordan devotee, so I watched several videos. They were so dominating in the East, particularly. The East was excellent then, and they had to face the Pistons

LaVine told the 'ALL THE SMOKE' podcast that he wants to be like Jordan and Bryant, and that Bryant is why he wears number 8.

LaVine has been influenced by Jordan and Bryant. The two-time NBA All-Star has acknowledged to not being 100 % after left knee surgery, but he feels he could play more.

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